World-Class Trach Care Within Reach

Are you searching for a rehabilitation or long-term care center dedicated to providing specialized tracheostomy care? At Norfolk Health & Rehabilitation Center, our dedicated tracheostomy unit provides exceptional care customized to your loved one’s unique needs.

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We care for patients who are dependent upon a surgically inserted tracheostomy tube to breathe. Whether we are helping a patient recover and transition home or providing long-term care, we provide care beyond compare.

Why Norfolk Health & Rehabilitation Center?

Onsite Respiratory Therapists

High Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

Extensive Trach Experience

4-Star Google Reviews

Certified by DMAS

Tracheostomy Care & Management

We are one of only a few long-term care facilities in the Tidewater region and Virginia that offers DMAS-certified tracheostomy care from a dedicated team. Our skilled providers and nurses work collaboratively to ensure patients enjoy the highest level of care while restoring the highest level of function and independence and maintaining the highest quality of life.

High Rate of Tracheostomy Decannulation

Significantly Fewer Respiratory Infections

We care for patients with tracheostomies as a result of a number of different diagnoses:

  • Chronic pulmonary disease (CPD)
  • Need for prolonged respiratory support, such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)
  • Infection
  • Tumor
  • Severe neck or mouth injuries
  • Diaphragm dysfunction
  • Neuromuscular diseases that paralyze or weaken breathing muscles
  • Vocal cord paralysis (VCP)
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Disorders of respiratory control such as congenital central hypoventilation or central apnea
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Trauma

Dedicated providers and staff equipped to meet your needs

Multidisciplinary approach and comprehensive respiratory services

  • Trach Unit RNs on staff 24/7 with a nurse-to-patient ratio that is lower than average
  • Respiratory therapists onsite
  • Pulmonologist on-call
  • Director of Nursing with extensive experience managing trach care
  • Extended nursing staff all trained in trach care
  • Integration with speech therapy, occupational therapy (OT), and physical rehabilitation therapy through our exclusive LifeWorks Rehab® program, if needed
  • Support in transition home, if needed, including social workers, discharge planning and coordination with home health services

Meet Lloyd Craft, BS, CRT
Director of Respiratory Therapy

Lloyd Craft is a respiratory therapy pioneer who directs the care of our tracheostomy patients. With nearly two decades of experience in respiratory care, he is recognized for his trailblazing work in establishing tracheostomy units and known for his compassionate patient care and innovative approaches.

The LifeWorks Rehab® Recovery Program

The exclusive LifeWorks Rehab® recovery program provides a unique, clinically proven approach to short-term inpatient recovery from illness, injury, or surgery. Therapy can be completely customized to your needs if and when you might need it.

Let us help you navigate the transition to recovery or long-term care and remove some of the uncertainty from the process.

Our Director of Admissions, Doug Varnado, has experience managing complex trach-care transitions. Let him or another member of our staff answer your questions. Not only can we help you achieve a continuum of skilled care, we can also help you understand and navigate insurance and Medicaid.

Call an Admissions Specialist Now

Or call us directly at 757-734-6925